Click on the icon at the top right of the map to open the layer tool. This tool contains a slider for each of the map layers to vary their opacity: .

Boxes below each slider for the 4 'wild land' attribute layers show dynamically:

Layers can be turned on and off from appearing on the map using the checkbox next to the layer label. Click on the icon for each layer to see a pop-up window with a description of the layer. Click on the icon again to close the tool.

Click on the or legend in the header to use that range of colours for the 'wild land' attribute values. 'low' values mean less 'wild' and 'high' values mean more 'wild'.

Click on the icon next to the 'Base Layers' label to expand the layer tool to show layers which can be used as basemaps for the 4 'wild land' attribute layers. Click on the icon to reduce the layer tool again.

Click on the icon ('National Park') at any time to return the map to the boundaries of the Cairngorms National Park.

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Data licencing information

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Corine Land Cover 2012 UK dataset

Acknowledgement: Produced by the University of Leicester, The Centre for Landscape and Climate Research and Specto Natura and supported by Defra and the European Environment Agency under Grant Agreement 3541/B2012/R0-GIO/EEA.55055 with funding by the European Union. Citation: Cole, B.; King, S.; Ogutu, B.; Palmer, D.; Smith, G.; Balzter, H. (2015). Corine land cover 2012 for the UK, Jersey and Guernsey. NERC Environmental Information Data Centre.

SNH datasets

Copyright Scottish Natural Heritage Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2017.

All data resources are available under the Open Government Licence (OGL).

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